Drive eCommerce Growth with
Generative AI

Deliver an optimised shopping experience with deep machine learning

From automated product descriptions to responsive shopping recommendations, Okkular handles product enrichment for better personalisation and product discovery.

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AI for Online Retail

Provide your customer with a uniquely tailored shopping experience. Our AI extracts critical data from your product catalogue to lay the foundation for intelligent onsite personalisation.

Foundational Visual Data

Generative AI Descriptions

Intuitive Personalisation

Details that Drive Sales

Supercharge products with AI generated data

Previously untapped visual data is applied to Okkular’s automated product descriptions and personalisation tools through AI analysis.

SEO on Autopilot

Never miss an SEO relevant keyword

Okkular’s extensive fashion taxonomy is constantly evolving to ensure every search relevant term is captured and assigned to the right products, at the right time – in tags, alt text and descriptions.

Growth Without Limits

Scale sustainably at speed with AI automation

Retailers using Okkular experience better productivity and are able to take back time to allocate resources to actioning CRO strategy and driving sales.

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Why Okkular?

At Okkular, we make the process of enriching your product catalogue with detailed meta data faster and easier with the help of our unique AI.
Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can integrate with any platform or marketplace.

Expert Support

Our dedicated team of product taxonomy experts provide universal and consistent product data informed by their vast industry knowledge and experience

Accuracy with Machine Learning

Our dynamic Visual AI is constantly learning and evolving with your product catalogue to deliver enhanced search functions and results

Enhanced Customer Engagement with AI

Improve the customer experience by fostering deeper engagement with detailed meta data that can enhance onsite filters, merchandising and other CRO initiatives

Seamless Platform Integrations

Easy to use and implement, our AI powered software can integrate with any platform. Users will experience instant, scalable results.

Leverage Data for SEO

SEO friendly product tags can be exported in CSV format or integrated using API links with existing PM & CMS tools to boost SEO strategy

With such a large product catalog, Okkular allows us to apply descriptive product tags quickly and at scale. These tags help improve our search experience and can better help our customers navigate to find relevant products. We’re excited to see how the impact of Okkular will extend to SEO with the implementation of automated image alt text. Being able to automate processes like this is vital for ecommerce stores of our size. 

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Visual-AI enables and liberates Humans to do more, Create more and Discover more.

Automate for Improved Efficiency