Data Driven Product Discovery with Visual Recommendation

Help your customers discover products
that resonate with Okkular’s intuitive Visual Recommendation. Streamline the journey from search to purchase with data-driven style suggestions.

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Influence your shoppers at the right time

Drive conversions by connecting shoppers with the products they love. Okkular’s intuitive Visual AI reduces the time from search to purchase by curating a personalised product selection that reflects the styles shoppers are engaging with.

Increase conversions with similar style recommendations

Okkular Visual Recommendation showcases similar styles to allow shoppers to discover more of your product catalogue and drive conversions.

Highlight the right products at the right time

Offer a personalised browsing experience with a tailored selection of products based on the style your customer is enaging with at just the right moment.

Out of stock doesn't mean losing out

Keep the customer on the path to purchase. Surface similar in stock alternatives to out of stock styles without leaving the product page.

Leverage Product Data to Deliver Recommendations that Resonate

Product attributes are identified and prioritised through Visual AI analysis to determine what the customer is looking for based on browsing behaviour.

Visual Recommendation Where You Need It Most

Determine the prime positioning for Visual Recommendation within product pages or as a personalised browsing experience on a collection page.

No product available? No problem

An out-of-stock product does not mean the end of the shopper’s journey. With the help of our AI recommendations, redirect customers to similar products to reduce bounce and improve conversion.
Never lose a customer to an out-of-stock item again. Offer alternatives for out-of-stock items and give your customers what they want when they want it.

Allow Shoppers to Tailor Suggested Styles with Filters

Through filtering, shoppers can narrow down suggested styles by neckline, length, print and other key attributes. Customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

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Higher Conversions with’s personalization suite
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Increase in AOV through’s AI-powered styling and outfitting
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Increased retention with higher repeat visits
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Lower Bounce Rates with Personalized Home pages

Why Okkular Visual Search

At Okkular, we make the process of digitization easier and faster with the help of our unique AI 
Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can integrate with any platform or marketplace. We enable intelligent retail automation,digitization and real-time dynamic personalization across the retail organization.

Improve Engagement

Boost your website’s accessibility and improve customer’s interactions with an inspiring experience and optimized website navigation.

Skyrocket conversion rates

Turn customer inspiration into action by making your site easy to navigate and your products easier to discover.

Create enjoyable customer journeys

Our AI creates an intuitive way of apparel detection that helps create meaningful and personalized online experiences.

Boost Product Discoverability

Enable shoppers to find the products they are looking for quickly and accurately by eliminating complex descriptions.

Never lose a customer to an out of stock item again

Offer alternatives for out-of-stock items and give your customers what they want when they want it.

Learn how intuitive AI recommendations can increase conversions and boost sales

At Okkular, we make the process of digitisation easier and faster with the help of our unique AI
Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can integrate with any platform or marketplace.

Case Study

Kookai : Okkular Tag-Gen solution Case Study

Read how Okkular’s Tag-Gen has helped Kookai label products across categories, sub-categories for a well-organized catalog – at scale.

Case Study

Bluebungalow – Okkular Tag-gen solution case study

Read how Blue Bungalow uses our AI to provide shoppers with personalized experiences and boost revenue.


Reasons to Automate Product Tagging

Product tagging is an indispensable part of eCommerce catalogue management. A complex, tedious and labour-intensive process can take up to days or even .months

One of our biggest challenges, with a large range, is defining product attributes in a way that will allow those products to be surfaced to the customer in a meaningful way, at the right time, in an efficient manner. From a UX perspective, sifting through 2000a+ products is a fast path to a downwards trending conversion rate. Okkular provides customisable product data at scale. This data is the foundation for product discovery and supercharges other CRO initiatives such as intelligent search, merchandising, filters and personalisation technology.


Emma Filliponi

Blue Bungalow

Visual-AI enables and liberates Humans to do more, Create more and Discover more.

Automate for Improved Efficiency