Enhance your product catalogue with AI

Enhance your product catalogue, maximise customer engagement and streamline product discovery by generating accurate, data rich product tags in a matter of seconds with Okkular’s automated Visual AI.

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Enrich your Product DNA

Make more informed data-driven decisions for your ecommerce strategy by leveraging Okkular’s Visual AI Okkular’s Tag-Gen automates the process of product tagging to generate invaluable meta data quickly and efficiently, so your team can optimise their workflow.

Take back time and simplify tasks

Automatic tag attribution creates a solid foundation for streamlining CRO intiatives and gives your team back their valuable time.

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Supercharge your merchandising

Quickly create and curate collections using Okkular metadata and integrate with your merchandising platform to execute your merchandising strategy using flexible, data rich tags.

Deliver intuitive product discovery

Drive conversions with searchable data. Connect shoppers to relevant product with accurate and intuitive search and filters.

Personalise Onsite Search with Synonyms and Taxonomy Mapping

Leverage an extensive database of synonyms and add your own to suit your brand to enhance the shopper search experience.

Map your brand’s taxonomy using Okkular’s taxonomy mapping tool to gain invaluable insight

Optimise meta tags to boost your SEO rankings

Descriptive attributes are assigned to mimic the way your customers search to boost your product discovery on search engines. Detailed, long-tail search terms are reflected in the attributes our AI has assigns to accurately surface your product.

Generate Colour Palette Meta Data

Colour meta data is generated for your entire product catalogue.

Enhance colour filters and deliver detailed search personalisation with colour name mapping based on seasons, industry trends and colour tones.

Streamline your workflow and improve efficiency

Okkular’s Tag-Gen replaces manual and costly product labelling with visual artificial intelligence. You can now process hundreds of images per second with rich descriptive tags with the help of our Tag-Gen solution. Save time, costs, improve efficiency and enable better product discovery.

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Tag‑Gen is now available on Shopify App Store and SAP Store

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Why Okkular

At Okkular, we make the process of digitisation easier and faster with the help of our unique AI
Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can integrate with any platform or marketplace.

Product Taxonomy Experts

Our experts work tirelessly to provide universal & consistent product data informed by their vast industry knowledge and experience

Accuracy with Machine Learning

Our dynamic Visual AI is constantly learning and evolving with your product catalogue to deliver enhanced search functions and results

Enhanced Customer Engagement with AI

Improve the customer experience by fostering deeper engagement with detailed meta data that can enhance onsite filters, merchandising and other CRO initiatives

Seamless Integrations

Easy to use and implement, our AI-powered software can integrate with any platform. Users will experience instant, scalable results.

Improved Search and SEO

SEO friendly product tags can be exported in CSV format or integrated using API links with existing PM & CMS tools to boost SEO strategy

Learn how intuitive AI recommendations can increase conversions and boost sales

At Okkular, we make the process of digitisation easier and faster with the help of our unique AI
Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can integrate with any platform or marketplace.

Save Time, Reduce Cost & Clean Your Data in 3 Easy Steps

Tag-Gen processes hundreds of images within seconds, developing rich and descriptive tags automatically for all your products. Discover how you can increase your online conversions in 3 easy steps. 

Case Study

Kookai : Okkular Tag-Gen solution Case Study

Read how Okkular’s Tag-Gen has helped Kookai label products across categories, sub-categories for a well-organized catalog – at scale.

Case Study

Blue Bungalow : Okkular Tag-gen solution Case Study

Read how Blue Bungalow uses our AI to provide shoppers with personalized experiences and boost revenue.


Reasons to Automate Product Tagging

Product tagging is an indispensable part of eCommerce catalogue management. A complex, tedious and labour-intensive process can take up to days or even .months

One of our biggest challenges, with a large range, is defining product attributes in a way that will allow those products to be surfaced to the customer in a meaningful way, at the right time, in an efficient manner. From a UX perspective, sifting through 2000+ products is a fast path to a downwards trending conversion rate. Okkular provides customisable product data at scale. This data is the foundation for product discovery and supercharges other CRO initiatives such as intelligent search, merchandising, filters and personalisation technology.


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Visual-AI enables and liberates humans to Do more, Create more and Discover more.

Automate for Improved Efficiency