Kookai : Okkular Tag-Gen solution Case Study

Okkular’s state-of-the-art Tag-Generation capabilities can help solve these problems for retailers. Our deeper attribute-related information generates product tags and metadata that are SEO/SEM friendly within seconds. We got in touch with Kookai, a leading fashion retail brand to understand how Okkular has helped them in this journey.

About Kookai:

KOOKAÏ is an Australian owned women’s fashion label, defined by an essence of femininity, confidence, allure and independent style. The KOOKAÏ collection is designed exclusively out of our Melbourne and Paris studios through a creative, symbiotic process forever inspired by the KOOKAÏ woman and, in turn, create pieces through which to continually inspire her.

  1. What business problem were you trying to solve? 

We were looking for an efficient way to enrich product data to avoid cart abandonment, provide rich meta-tags, accurate product descriptions and categorizations. Given our high volume of SKUs, we needed a product that could assist with optimising & improving our website search functionality as well as contributing to improving our SEO/SEM. 

2. How was the problem affecting your business?

We were in the process of implementing a new website search solution which required updating our product catalogue using tags to assist in enriching search data and filters. This would have required manual data entry which is cost, labour and time intensive. Automating this function would free up time, cost and help implement changes in much smoother and faster way.

3. What options did you consider to solve this problem?

Other visual search solutions were considered however Okkular’s Tag-Generator stood out as we were able to easily identify how that would immediately benefit our business due to our wide range of SKUs. We were looking for a product that can help ingest large data and process its efficacy.

4. What reservations did you have before choosing Okkular?

  • The accuracy of the AI data given our wide range of apparel and accessories
  • Aligning Okkular’s AI naming conventions with our brand’s style classifications
  • The ability to easily integrate and automate sending the analysed data back to Shopify to work cohesively with our search solution.

5. Why did you choose Okkular?

Okkular’s auto Tag-Generator is extremely beneficial given our high volume of SKUs. The automation of Okkular’s AI enriching our product eliminated the process of manually generating tags which would have resulted in hours of manual work. In addition to this, we were excited to work with a Melbourne start-up tech company who have continuously provided ongoing support.  

6. What are some of the immediate business benefits you have noticed after implementing Okkular Tag-Gen solution?

  • Reduction in manual data entry of tagging product
  • Improvement of search results
  • Improved filter options
  • Keyword friendly tag
  • Better on-site navigation

7. What are the long-term benefits you see automating the Tag-Gen process?

As Okkular’s AI continues to learn and analyse our evolving range, the time has been reduced in auditing and verifying tags within the Okkular portal due to the result of more accurately generated tags. Additionally, we are working with Okkular to begin using the automated alt-text feature to assist in boosting SEO/SEM.

8. What industry trends drove the need to use our product?

We wanted to tick all the boxes for a good customer experience, catch up to industry and eCommerce best practices.  As mentioned previously, we were optimizing the site for the front-end consumer by giving them an improved shopping experience and wanted a succinct search solution and improved functionality.

9. What feature of the product was most appealing to you?

Okkular’s Tag-Gen matched most of our requirements, especially from the point of view of improving product catalogue data and user experience.  We particularly, wanted something that could work cohesively with Shopify and Okkular’s Tag-Gen has those parts in place. From the standpoint of overall improved search functionally, Okkular’s Tag-Gen has provided KooKai with the kind support it needs for a holistic online shopping experience.