– Okkular Tag-gen solution case study

Okkular Tag-gen solution – Case Study

About Blue Bungalow

Blue Bungalow is a Brisbane based fashion retailer for everyday fashion and dreamy summer styles for real women. From workplace to weekend, or weekday basics to resort wear.

Emma Filliponi – Digital Marketing and
E-Commerce Manager at Blue Bungalow

What business problem were you trying to solve? 

One of our greatest challenges has been improving the depth of our product specific attribute data to improve product discovery and conversion. We know rich product data was the key factor in enhancing the user experience with better search results and in-depth product filters.

The process of adding the data was manual. The manual process is time consuming and resource hungry. There is also consistency issues with entering the data manually with a growing team. 

How was the problem affecting your business?

Limited attribute data on products was affecting our business in several ways:

  • Poor search results: see below examples:

1 result for search term “bell sleeves midi dress”

  • Limited product specific filters 
  • Unable to implement other user experience enhancement technologies due to limited product data. Rich product data is a minimum requirement for many of these technologies to work efficiently 
  • Impact on SEO/SEM due to surface level product specific data 

What options did you consider to solve this problem?

We were entering the data manually, but it was not consistent. We looked at technologies which could help us with dynamic filtering however these are only as effective as the depth of product data they have access to. We couldn’t find any other efficient option until we found Okkular.

What reservations did you have before choosing Okkular?

  • Industry reference for Okkular I.e. if anyone else had used Okkular
  • We wanted to automate the process as much as possible. i.e. Shopify app to import and export the data generated by Okkular without having to manually upload or import product data   
  • Accuracy of data generated by AI
  • Naming the data according to Blue Bungalow’s taxonomy 

Why did you choose Okkular?

The challenge with eCommerce fast fashion is balancing depth of product data, with the time it takes to manually input that information. The automation of Okkular’s AI has allowed us to enrich our product data, resulting in painless product discovery. The technology has made our team more effective, with less time spent on manual data entry and more time spent on growth initiatives. It takes Okkular minutes to do what a person would take days. A technology that solves pain points in both internal business processes & the consumer facing conversion journey is a rare find. I would go as far as to say not using a technology like Okkular, would give you a competitive disadvantage. 

What are some of the immediate business benefits you have noticed after implementing Okkular Tag-gen solution?

  • Time spent on manual data entry. It takes Okkular minutes to do what a person would take days
  • Immediate improvement in search results. See before after search results 

BEFORE:  1 Result for this search term before adding the Okkular generated meta tags

AFTER: 20 Results after Okkular Meta Tags were added 

  • Improved product filters (in development using Okkular tags)
  • 31% conversion rate lift for sessions using Site Search 
  • Ability use technologies that enrich the user experience as a direct result of the depth of data available as a result of Okkular

What are the long-term benefits you see automating the Tag gen process and providing visual search for your customers?

Immediate tangible benefits have been seen after 2 months. The long-term benefit we expect to see will be simplified product discovery resulting in an enhanced user experience and significant improvement in conversion from the combination of intelligent search & more comprehensive filtering. Using Okkular’s features like automating alt_tags, titles and long tail keywords will also benefit our SEO AND SEM initiatives. We are very excited to trial the Okkular visual search soon.   

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