Ecommerce Automation Tools for Shopify

Introducing automation to your Shopify website can free up your time to focus on SEO and CRO efforts. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, the logical next step is to automate as much of your backend as possible. In this guide we’ll be showing you what tools to use to automate your Shopify store.

Why should I use automation on my Shopify store?

So, what is automation? Automation refers to the use of technology to process tasks without manual intervention. Automation can help you save time and money, increase productivity, and provide better customer service.

With up to 61% of businesses experimenting with AI solutions, now is the time to explore the benefits introducing automation to your eCommerce store. Some areas you can automate include product tags, pricing, inventory management, customer service and more.

Automating product descriptions

The world of writing product copy is a nuanced one. It can be easy to get it wrong, especially when it comes to maintaining the brand tone of voice with a sales-oriented copy. Plus, investing in a copywriter may be out of reach for many small-to-medium enterprises, so that’s where automation comes in.

Automate your product descriptions and you’ll save time creating content that resonates with your target audience. Solutions like Okkular’s Description-Gen make writing product descriptions en masse a breeze. Okkular is a powerful AI program for retail automation and intuitive product discovery.

Leveraging machine learning and drawing on data generated through visual AI, Description-Gen works by creating product descriptions that are optimised for SEO. This keyword-rich product copy can be uploaded straight to your Shopify store, and can also supply additional descriptions for other sales channels like marketplaces and socials.

Product tags – how to get them done in seconds

Creating Shopify product tags is a repetitive, but critical task that eats into your admin time and quickly becomes tedious. By introducing automation to tag assignment, you can scale your product information to a level that would be near impossible to achieve manually. By implementing a tool like Okkular’s Tag-Gen, product tags that enhance search, power filtering and facilitate a multitude of CRO initiatives can be applied in seconds.

Other Automation Software to Integrate with Shopify

Looking for more tools to streamline your Shopify store? Here are some more options to save you time and money:

Shopify Flow – Shopify plus customers can take advantage of this workflow based automation program that streamlines customer, order, promotions and inventory management.

Hubspot – Hubspot is a CRM tool with automation capabilities. You can use it to automate customer service emails and notifications, as well as create unique messages for different segments of your customers.

Email marketing tools – These services have features that make it easier to create unique email campaigns for each segment of customers. We recommend checking out Klaviyo or Mailchimp due to their comprehensive features and reporting capabilities.

Merchandising automationTagalys, Searchspring and other merchandising tools can get your product in front of your dream customers at the right time.

Automating your Shopify doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By using the programs outlined in this guide you’ll be well on your way to a streamlined e-commerce store in no time.

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