How to Write eCommerce Fashion Product Descriptions That Sell

New to ecommerce? Product descriptions can make or break your business – here’s how to nail the copy every time

You’ve driven the right customers to your page, and now comes an even more critical moment: will they add your product to their cart?

If they’re on the fence about hitting the purchase button, your product description is your last chance to tell the story of your garment, paint a clear picture of its benefits and ultimately win them over.

You already know enough about fashion marketing to grasp the basics – relevant keywords, SEO and longtail keywords are all key motivators in making a purchase, but let’s dive into what this actually looks like from a writing perspective.

Why Product Descriptions Matter

Marketers tend to love the visual aspect of their work. Strong product images do the heavy lifting of attracting customers to your website, but the right copy is what finishes the job and converts.

How do we know? Nielson Norman Group recently conducted an ecommerce study and found that 20% of unsuccessful purchases are due to poor product descriptions that fail to provide relevant details about the item.

In order to keep a fifth of your potential customers from looking elsewhere, you need to think beyond a simple technical description of your products.

Ingredients For Killer Product Descriptions

Like many things in our industry, you’ll need to think quality over quantity. Wordy paragraphs aren’t the solution, and may even do more harm than good. Instead, focus on these three ingredients:

  • Features: briefly describe the type of garment. Sure, the customers know they’re jeans, but are they high rise? Dark wash? Answer factual questions the customer will have based on the photo.
  • Benefits: share why this garment, over others, is exactly what they’re looking for. Is it slimming? Is it stain resistant? Made from quality material?
  • Function: include why a customer would choose to wear this. Is it good for exercise, work or parties? Paint a quick picture of why it’s worth owning.

Working With Keywords

Everyone kicks off an online shopping session with a Google search, so the words they use to search need to be in your product description. Put yourself in your customers shoes: what would they Google to find your products?

The benefits are two-fold: SEO optimization helps them find you, but they also need those keywords loud and clear in the product description to feel confident they’ve secured the perfect garment. 

The more relevant your description is to your customer’s Google search, the better your search engine optimization will be.

Embrace Your Brand Identity

Engaging in a dialogue with your customer creates familiarity that’ll make them feel confident in their purchase. Product descriptions are your chance to further expand that familiarity.

Do they prioritize style, function or quality? Knowing why people purchase your products is important, but writing copy that mirrors their taste is even better.

Product descriptions with strong storytelling enable you to tap into your customers’ motivations to secure the conversion.

As your fashion ecommerce business grows, so will your understanding of your customer, how they can find you and why they hit purchase. With these product description tips in mind, you can win them over every time.

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